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Costa Rica
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Go Go Dancer
Gretchen the Iguana
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Sea Anemone
Velvet Circus
Wait & See
Velvet Circus

Welcome to the Velvet Circus
We have the clowns and bears
We have contortionists with purpose
Investigate our wares
Go get a drink and have a seat here
We know just what to do
We'll fly trapeze up in the ether
Emulsify your view

We will certainly astound you
We have the freaks and fools
Masqueraders will surround you
We play by our own rules
Come get your tickets bring your family
See what we have in store
We'll swallow fire like it's candy
We let the lions roar

Welcome to the Velvet Circus
We have the big top tent
We have inflamatory service
Come see the squirrel-faced gent
Pay close attention keep your eyes peeled
We lit the chandelier
We got our dancers from the mine field
Take home a souvenir

Copyright © 1998 Justine Kragen